All about little old moi…

Me and my hubby looking romantic on our wedding day in 2008 (does not happen very often!)

I’m 31 years old and live on the South coast of England, luckily not far from the sea! I have one husband, three kids, two cats, a puppy and I am sure, there will be more additions to the household to come…(animals not children). My ancestry is somewhat mixed – I have english, french and italian blood – a mixed bag I know, but I am a local girl at heart, love Dorset and couldn’t imagine moving.

Our chocolate lab puppy Jackson, looking pitiful and hard done by (he most definitely IS NOT!) a few weeks after we bought him. He is much larger and clumsy now and has chewed a substantial amount of our belongings up..list to follow..!


I like to keep busy. I enjoy spending time with my hubby and children, and we have a lot of fun together, which I think’s really important in getting through bringing up a family with your sanity intact! (Though whether I may actually have lost mine a while ago is a topic of hot debate among all who know me).

When I am not looking after the kids, the house or my husband, I am at work. I work in Human Resources in the public sector four days a week. So, yes I do have a day job..which I actually still really like. I’m passionate about it, even after 9 years in HR; I find the variety and the challenge exciting. HR is about people and organisations and getting the best out of both of them by finding the best way forward. I will always go over and above for employees and my employer, I don’t know how to work any other way. ‘Just enough’ is not good enough; I’m a perfectionist I guess…

As much as I like where I work – my colleagues are great and put up with my eccentricities amazingly well – I’m hoping that at some point I can pack in the day job in favour of making a living as a working writer, working being the operative word as I have recently started finding out just how tough it is.

I love to write; anything, anywhere, anytime, so doing what I love for a living would be fanastic, but I know what a long road lies ahead so more about that later.

When I’m not doing the stuff listed so far, I like to read (reviews to follow) and sing..I sing all the time and am known to hum at inappropriate times.I hum when I am on the phone to peeople, I sing at my desk, I sing on the way into work, the kids and I wind down the windows and sing in the car every morning. I have even managed to give my manager the humming habit, along with my young nephew who drives his mum mad with his random tunes (my work is done, cue evil laugh, mwah ha ha). My daughter and son also love music and singing and reading, so if you come across two noisy, singing children with their noses in books..yes, they are possibly mine!

So can I have a similar influence via a blog…?? Can I make my writing as infectious as my singing/humming?? I hope so!


2 thoughts on “All about little old moi…

  1. Jude says:

    Hi Nikki, followed your link on ROMNA.

    I think I’m in love with Jackson. He’s gorgeous. I used to have a golden retriever who could look equally hard done by and would sulk for hours if you upset her.

    Great blog!
    J x

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Hi Jude,

      thanks for your comment and for zipping through from ROMNA.

      Yes, he is gorgeous isn’t he? And they certainly have their own distinct personalities; along with the cats, he is most definitely part of our extended family. Everyone that sees him adores him..unfortunately he didn’t stay that dinky size for long and is incredibly clumsy. I’ll be posting shortly with a picture that shows how much he’s grown already. He is only six months old and was almost as big as a 16 month old Choc Lab that we met on the beach on Sunday! Hmmm.. I foresee many more breakages and chewing incidents in our house!

      Take care,


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