My fab Aunt – writer Sue Moorcroft…


Sue Moorcroft - writer and wonder woman!

I get asked on a regular basis what or who inspires me to write. I write because I feel compelled to and if I didn’t I’d miss it – and I’d feel as if  I’d had a limb lopped off. Reading an exceptionally well written book where I know that the author writes for a living also makes me want to put pen to paper (or as the case may be, fingers to laptop keyboard).

However, I am also inspired by my aunt, writer Sue Moorcroft. Her hard work, talent and perseverance are a lesson in how to succeed for any wannabe writer and her star is firmly in the ascent.

Referred to as the ‘Short Story Queen,’ by bestselling author and Chair of the Romantic Novelists Association Katie Fforde she is also:

–         A creative writing tutor

–         The author of a ‘How To’ book on how to make money writing romantic fiction ‘Love Writing’

–         Editor of and contributor to the Romantic Novelists Association’s ( 50th Anniversary anthology

–          This bit hot off the press; Brand new columnist at 

–         Contributor to writing magazines

–         Judge of writing competitions and…

Author of romantic fiction which has been getting some fab reviews in recent times;  ‘Starting Over’ ‘All That Mallarkey’ (which is so good that I once stayed up until 4.00 a.m. to read the draft in one sitting) and forthcoming ‘Want to know a Secret?’ all published by Choc Lit

A must read for every aspiring romantic fiction author

Lovely - great characters and a great place that you won't want to say goodbye to.

The most gorgeous book cover I have ever seen....

Young, fresh and funky – a great unputdownable read.


Being able to draw on her experience and knowledge of the writing world has been invaluable to me – she is always at the end of a text or email with advice and support.

As well as always being happy to answer any questions, she also introduced me to the RNA around ten years ago, which is the nicest, warmest collection of writers, agents, publishers and other industry insiders that I ever had the pleasure of knowing and meeting.

 The RNA is the only writers’ association that I am aware of that runs a ‘probationary membership’ for unpublished writers, the New Writers Scheme which again, if you are a wannabe writer, is invaluable and I would highly recommend it. 

With regards to Sue, I have only scratched the surface – so if you want to know the full story or find out about her books, please go to: –

And the NWS




6 thoughts on “My fab Aunt – writer Sue Moorcroft…

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Hi Talli, thanks for the comment and for looking for the blog again after yesterday’s mishap! Yes I am lucky – and I know it! Having Sue’s knowledge, advice and unswerving support to draw on is great!

      Take care,

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Hi Carol, thanks for the comment. It was surprisingly easy. I’ve always been fairly ICT savvy but I was still a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to make head nor tail of blogging. It’s lilke a whole new world which I never knew existed! I was told before I set it up that it was addictive and it is – I just need to make sure I don’t devote more time to the blog than I do to actually finishing my two WIP’s…

      Anyway, before setting up the blog I read a really helpful guide provided by WordPress at so I knew the basics of what I was doing before I started…

      In terms of the background/layout/header specifically, with WordPress you go to your ‘Dashboard’select Appearance, select Themes and this then gives you the choice of circa 90 backgrounds which you quite literally click on to select. It’s great – like shopping but with no payment involved, the best kind in my eyes!



    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Hi Debs, thanks for your comment. Yes, her books are fab aren’t they? I always have them on pre-prder through Amazon. I guess it’s natural that I would be biased, but she’s got loads of fans so I know it’s not just me! if I could only have half of her success with writing in the future I’d be happy…


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