Charming Sharm (El Sheikh)

View from our balcony - lovely..

One of many friendly fish

Despite having what feels like repetitive strain injury in my wrist – possibly from the amount of posting, writing and pouring glasses of wine whilst watching the X-Factor I have done this weekend – I thought I’d do a quick post about our recent holiday to Sharm, which was second only to our honeymoon in the Maldives in 2008.

Hubby and I got back from Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in the early hours of last Sunday morning. All I can say is that I can highly recommend it, we would definitely go back. We had a fab week, the hotel – Hauza Beach Resort Hotel – was great despite mixed reviews on Trip Advisor The hotel’s own site can be found here It wasn’t a four star hotel within the British rating system (as per Tripadvisor rating) but it was a good quality 3 to 4 star at least. It was exceptionally good value, so you can’t expect 5 star service/facilities for 3 star money..!

We had a clean spacious room, good food, a main pool and a jungle pool complex with slides, a private beach with a jetty at the end of it complete with the end of a reef that had the most spectacular sealife. There was a good range of facilities and excursions on offer.

Slides at Hauza Beach Resort jungle pools

The nightly entertainment left something to be desired but that was okay as we met some lovely people out there – including a great couple, Lauren and Huw –  and we sat and had a few drinks in the evenings and even made it out to a delicious chinese dinner one night in Naama Bay. 

View from the chinese restaurant in Naama Bay

Our chinese feast

Fountain at Soho Square, Nabp Bay, Sharm

My escort for the evening at Soho Square?!

The Mandarin Bar at Soho Square


We enjoyed the shopping, including a night at Soho Square, a partially open air shopping centre which was a circa 20 minute car journey from our hotel (be prepared to haggle, and make sure you don’t pay the first price they state).


We didn’t do lots of sight seeing as we were only out there for a week and therefore more interested in snorkelling and sunbathing. However one thing that we did which was amazing was a camel ride out in the desert, with tea, bread making, dinner, belly dancing, a fire show and star gazing in/near a Bedouin tent – not to be missed. It also provided me with inspiration for a pivotal scene for my main character Beth, in my full length work in progress – Random Acts. So if that MS ever gets published, perhaps the holiday will have paid for itself?? Hmm..wonder if I can justify another trip out there as a ‘working trip?’

Bedouin bread making in the desert

Bedouin boy who was pulling my hubby's camel along

Sunset in the desert; beautiful and tranquil

I’m already dreaming of a return visit…

Have a good day, NG.


4 thoughts on “Charming Sharm (El Sheikh)

  1. Gwen Kirkwood says:

    Just popped in to take a peep, Nikki. Loved the photos and description of your holiday. I believe reading all personal experiences, or about anything new to me is writerly. You never know when something might spark off an idea or give you a bit of information. So just write from the heart and enjoy it.
    Best wishes

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Hi Gwen,

      thanks for popping in and for leaving such a lovely comment.

      Glad you enjoyed the post, could have waxed lyrical for far longer re. Sharm! Well it definitely provided me with inspiration for a pivotal moment in a gorgeous setting. If it can inspire others as well it’s an added bonus, and I shall consider every post from now on writerly…

      All the best,


  2. Chris Stovell says:

    That’s good advice from Gwen! Imagination can take you to so many places, but there’s always something unexpected about actually going somewhere which can really bring a piece of prose to life… I think that means more holidays all round – for research of course!

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:


      thanks for your comment.

      I agree. A good, authentic sense of place can really enhance the reading experience. I have enjoyed Belinda Jones’ books for many years because of the way that when you’ve finished reading them you feel as if you’ve actually been there..

      Re the last part of your comment, I like your thinking…if only I can find a way to convince my boss of that..and still receive full pay!

      All the best, Nikki.

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