Lucky to live in Dorset

I did not take too kindly – grumpy, me? – to being rushed out of the house by my kids and husband on Saturday morning to walk our chocolate lab, Jackson, bleary eyed and bushy haired that I was.

However, upon arriving at Sandbanks Beach and taking a breath of fresh air into my lungs, watching Jackson swim in the sea and helping my kids look for shells, my mood improved somewhat. I realised how lucky I am to live in Dorset, within a ten minute drive of the ocean, and have the opportunity to go to beach whenever I want to.

Sandbanks; shells found by my little boy

Shells found by the girls!

Jackson playing with a.k.a sitting on, new friend

Quite apart from the scenery, the area is known as Millionaire’s Row because of the elaborate and expensive properties, some of which are owned by well known celebs including Harry Redknapp (with a fake rumour abounding that one of the houses was going to be used by Cheryl Cole for the ‘judge’s house’ week on the X-Factor). 

The beach is used for a few annual events which are growing every year;

 Animal Windfest – a kite and surfing festival, September,  link at

 Sandbanks Beach Volleyball Festival,  July, link at

British Beach Polo Championships, July, link at

The surrounding town, Poole, was also used for the filming of a drama based on a true story, ‘U Be Dead’ recently shown by ITV1, link at It was a good, watchable programme, though it was weird seeing the town I live in on the screen!

Anyway, Sandbanks is well worth a visit if you ever get the chance, especially with the ferry across to Studland and Swanage just up the road  – and I shall try to be happier about missing my lie in on weekends in the future!

Thanks for reading, NG.


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