NaNo style writing challenge – week 1…Hmmm

National Novel Writing Month style challenge - will I make it??!

Well, I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself up until an hour or so ago.

I am on day 7 of the NaNo style challenge I have set for myself, to motivate  me to finish my category romance. I am not using the NaNo website because it’s a work in progress (you must start from scratch on NaNo) and I have started early – 12th October rather than 1st November. However I’m applying a similar format. I have to achieve a certain word count in a certain time frame (see my last post, now updated, as will become clear). I have created my own excel worksheet to log dates, hours and word counts and have added a progress bar to this blog….

I was feeling pretty smug because despite feeling on some days over the last week that writing was stressful and painful, I was ahead of the game. I’d calculated  that I had 35,000 words remaining to write, and that I had circa 48 days in which to do it = 730 words per day, s0 5110 words per week. I was delighted to note this morning that I had managed 5200 words over the last 7 days, which has been pretty painful at times, so not only had I managed to meet the target but exceeded it. Yay!

Then I realised, when looking at the MS, that I actually have 40,000 words that I need to write to finish it, not 35,000..oops. Hence I recalculated it all. I have checked the calendar and actually have 49 days in all, so have gained an extra day, but- 40,000 / 49 days = 816 word per day, so 5712 words per week. Which means that I am actually behind my target this week by just under 500 words. Oh… Bugger.

Have to sort some other life admin stuff out now and then go the kids’ school and have two back to back teacher conferences, then do dinner, lunch boxes, laundry etc  before I go back to work tomorrow, thus I will need to make up the shortfall tonight..So I guess my hubby is going to have to spend another evening playing Fifa on the X-box Live (which I am sure won’t be too much of a sacrifice and actually I did forewarn him last week not to expect to see me much over the next six weeks). Hopefully I will be able to catch up. And it was going so well….

How are you doing with your NaNo challenges??

Badbury Rings, Dorset

On another note, for those of you who have enjoyed the posts about Dorset and dog walking, yes, we did get out with our puppy and the children this weekend. This time we went to Badbury Rings and here are a few of the pics to prove it, including an aerial view from the National Trust website.

Badbury Rings - aerial view

We did learn however that, nice as it is, it is not the ideal place for dog walkers..or children who can’t avoid stepping into clumps of animal poo (though they did enjoy climbing the hills left from the Iron Age hill fort). What we didn’t realise before going was that sheep graze on the land, meaning that you have to keep your dog on a lead, and that there is lots of sheep waste around for puppies to try to eat (!) added to which although we did the responsible thing and took bags to clear up after Jackson, there are no bins..cue a dangerous drive home with a bag full of poop hanging out of the window..I will spare you the details…

Anyway – my advice, if you want to walk your dog in Dorset, stick to the beach..or check out the websites of the places before you go!!

All the best, Nikki


2 thoughts on “NaNo style writing challenge – week 1…Hmmm

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks! Will do!

      (Although I must confess that instead of writing my 500 words last night I had a hot bath and went to bed early as I had an interview this morning…)

      Ho hum..more words to catch up on tonight.

      Take care all, Nikki

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