NaNo style writing challenge – week 2 and a celebration!


Reason to celebrate...

Well it’s been a pretty busy week, including being interviewed for and accepting (finally) a permanent job with my current employer, after three years of temporary contracts..yay!

Only snag is that I have to go full time, after nine or so months of working four days a week…so, more time at work, less time on the writing. However, all is not doom and gloom; it is great to have a bit more job security and I WILL keep on writing.

I shall have to cut back even further on my TV and reading time and have informed the hubby and kids that they will have to help out more around the house (cue a big groan from them) but I am more determined than ever, after the progress I have made with my writing over the last year, to finish the current WIP (s) and start sending them out.

National Novel Writing Month Style Challenge

And speaking of which…okay, I confess, I am 800 words behind on my weekly target, so I should feel guilty but…that means that in the last two weeks I have written 10,600 words, so over 25% of my target for the whole challenge (49 days, ending on 30th November)…so I am on the way.. and I can look forward to knowing that by the end of next month I will have completed my category romance ‘The Nanny’s Revenge’! (Though not forgetting that I shall be putting it in a drawer for a few weeks afterwards before coming back to it to cull/polish).

I can also look forward to having a drink with fellow wannabe writers and published authors at the RNA Winter Party in November. So, all I can say is..

Roll on November.

All the best, Nikki


2 thoughts on “NaNo style writing challenge – week 2 and a celebration!

  1. Chris Stovell says:

    Congratulations on the permanent post, that’s really good news and it’ll give you some security not worrying about getting contracts renewed. Do – in the nicest possible sense – be a bit selfish so you get that all important time you need to further your writing career. Good luck!

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