NaNo style writing challenge – Week 4

National Novel Writing Month Style Challenge

Well, week 4 of my self imposed challenge is over and actually.. it’s going okay!

I am stuck at home with a sick child today so will take the opportunity to fill you in. Ah, the joys of being a parent..

I’m still getting up at 5.45 a.m. on weekdays and 7 a.m. on weekends and writing for an obligatory hour each day. Maybe it’s because there is a pressure to get the target number of words out onto the page every day, and knowing that by the time I get home from work I’ll be brain dead, which means that I have to write in the morning, but I must admit that I am finding that precious hour very productive.

I have always been a morning person so I pop the kettle on and am writing by 6.00 a.m; I don’t find it much of a problem getting my brain into gear. On a good morning I can hit the 816 words per day target but more often than not I have a great morning – and I’m hitting 1300 – 1500 words in that hour.  Do I sound a bit smug?

I’m not – I’m just surprised at how much freeing yourself of that infernal internal editor can make a difference. And yes,  I do know that I may well go back and redraft it a few weeks after the challenge ends on 30th November and find that it’s a pile of old pants.

Also to keep me humble is a remark that a work colleague made to me the other day who also writes in his spare time and is on the quest to get published; that he once averaged 10,000 words a day when working on an MS and also wrote two full length novels back to back in the space of three months!!

Ah well..perhaps I should not be so happy then…although the thought that I am at 60% progress on my whole target count for the NaNo challenge, which therefore means that my MS is 70% complete (I had already started it when I started this challenge) will keep me smiling for a few days yet!

Happy Writing, Nikki.

P.S. On a separate note – I am really enjoying Sarah Duncan’s blog at the moment – she updates every day and I find her posts  both interesting and helpful

A fab book by Jane Wenham-Jones

P.P.S Am also making inroads into Jane Wenham-Jones’ new Accent Press book ‘Wannabe a Writer We’ve Heard Of?’ the fab follow up to ‘Wannabe a Writer?’

Like the first one, it is a fantastic read for anyone wanting to make it as a writer or for people who are published authors already – but this latest addition is about Jane’s experiences as a ‘self-confessed media tart’ and how you can learn from/emulate her experiences/take advice  to help establish/boost your profile and increase sales. In other words, lots of humour and wit whilst giving out helpful hints and tips ..Available to buy now!  The accompanying website has also been updated and is a good source of info and great for networking etc.


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