NaNo challenge weeks 5 and 6, RNA Winter Party and a rain lashed Dorset

In Westminster for the RNA Winter Party


Well it’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve been packing loads in around new full time hours at work and went to the, as always, fun and fabulous Romantic Novelists Association Winter Party last Wednesday.

Working in the morning and then completing a five hour round trip in one afternoon/evening, along with traipsing up and down the streets of Westminster in the bitter rain, may seem like a lot to ask for only a couple of hours in a hot room BUT it isn’t.

The opportunity to meet and spend time with fellow (published and unpublished) authors, agents and other gurus from the publishing world, is always absolutely worth it. The contacts are invaluable and it is so lovely to talk to people who understand the madness that drives us to write for pleasure/eventual publication, such as the lovely Lucy Gilmour from Harlequin Mills and Boon and the very tall and enviably pretty Talli Roland, whose debut novel is out on the 1st December. Not to mention that there is always food, there is always wine and there is always gossip and celebration; this year particularly so as the RNA has hit it’s 50th glorious year. Along with celebrating that achievement, the New Writers Scheme, which I am overjoyed to be a part of, was highlighted as a particular reason to be proud. Follow the links to the official coverage of the event:

As for the rain lashed Dorset part of this post – well, as the weather has been so awful for the last few weekends, which has put a serious cramp in our style where walking our (not so small) puppy Jackson is concerned, it has enabled me to catch up with the word count on my…

National Novel Writing Month Style Challenge

NANO  style challenge. I now have one week to go and I am just at over 82% complete. I have circa 7000 of the 40,000 word target to go which means in total  I have written 43,000 of my 50,000 MS! It has at times been difficult and I must confess that I have not always managed to write every single day, but this has been balanced by writing 1200 – 1500 words (rather than the 816 word target) on some really good days. I am quietly hoping (okay every digit and toe is firmly crossed) that by next Tuesday 30th November, I will have hit my target 40,000 word count. It won’t be perfect – I need to refine the main male character a.k.a the hero and take a few scenes out, readjust the pace etc and multiple other things that I will discover I will want to change once I have printed out and start redrafting – no it won’t be perfect, and it will not be finished, but the first draft will be DONE.

I will have written a MS, written and submitted a short story, polished and submitted a partial MS for the New Writers Scheme and started a blog,  in just over 5 months. In other words, kept some promises that I made to myself last January when making my New Year’s resolutions. Who’d have thought? Hmm..what to do for resolutions for 2011..?

Good luck to everyone out there who has taken part in NaNoWrMo or some version of it. 7 days to go and counting. Eek!

And a shout out to my aunt Sue Moorcroft who has just had her latest novel ‘Want to Know a Secret?’ with Choc Lit published, with the most gorgeous cover imaginable. No 10 at WHSmith Travel, whoop whoop!

Take care all,



3 thoughts on “NaNo challenge weeks 5 and 6, RNA Winter Party and a rain lashed Dorset

  1. nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks. Yes, I’m really pleased for Sue, it’s all going so well at the moment. I’d hoped that you’d be there last week and did ask Pia but she said you couldn’t make it. Perhaps I’ll see you in January at the next meeting? Have just commented on your blog. Thanks for all the support..

  2. suemoorcroft says:

    Thank you for the plug! 🙂

    The party was great, wasn’t it? Would have been even better if Myra and I hadn’t got on the wrong tube and ended up at Wembley Park just as the England game finished (and they’d lost …) Got home by midnight, though.

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