Happy 2011 – New Year’s Resolutions; writerly or not!

Sandbanks - New Years Day

After a very late night and lots of champagne to celebrate New Years Eve and the beginning of 2011, we took the kids and Jackson (a puppy in age but not in stature) down to Sandbanks to clear the cobwebs. We were pretty astounded at the amount of people who had the same idea as us; we’ve never seen so many dog owners on the beach, but it was lovely and everyone was really friendly.

And it got me thinking; there’s something about the New Year that’s surreal, because it feels clean and fresh and hopeful, it’s a time for new beginnings – but it’s only the difference of a day, 24 little hours, a few minutes, between one year and the next. Anything that happened last year can be put aside behind the milestone of Christmas and the NY and you can look forward to the year ahead, but it still is only the difference of a day..When else in life does the clock ticking forward past midnight signify such a moment, a moment when we look to the next 12 months and make promises to ourselves, promises about things we will or won’t do, the people we will be or become?

Every year I make resolutions, things I will try to stick to/change/avoid in the year ahead. For 2011 I’d like to set some resolutions which I at least have half a chance of achieving. So out go the promises to myself to diet/eat healthily/exercise/drink less/avoid trashy TV (not worth it/never going to happen/I do enough housework so that structured exercise is obsolete/hmm..nope/can’t, love Desperate Housewives too much) and in comes (not in any particular order)..

1) I will write every day; even if only for one hour/half an hour/ten minutes

2) I will enter a writing competition at least every quarter and send my work out..

3) I will be more patient with my children, more loving toward my husband and more tolerant of the pets!

4) I will enjoy the little things in life more

5) I will make more time for my friends and family

6) When I read a good book or find a blog that I really enjoy, I will recommend it to my friends and family and I will let the author know how good they are

You can’t say any fairer than that..these, I think I can stick to.

Happy new year to you all, may 2011 bring you everything that you wish for – writerly or otherwise.

Nikki x


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