Manuscript Presentation and Resolutions

Writers' and Artists'

The first week of the year has already passed and was it a good one? Hmm..I had the flu and was stuck at home in bed for days on end, so not great for me! How about you?

I have managed to stick to most of my resolutions, I won’t tell you which ones.

I am optimistic that I will be back at work for Monday and am raring to go with the short story in progress for the Writers and Artists Competition 2011. It can be up to 2000 words, any genre and linked, however loosely, to ‘compulsion.’ Details are here  if you’re interested in entering.

Just thought I would share a fab resource for writers that my Aunt Sue has put up on her blog, about how to present a manuscript. Find it here at

There is no doubt that presentation is really important to publishers/agents as it shows that you are serious about your work and will be professional. Some of the other most common tips I’ll pass on for when you’re sending something off to a publisher, is to go on to their website/contact them and read their submission guidelines, make sure that the style/genre of your MS is suited to their requirements, and get the right contact name. There are plenty more helpful hints and tips to be found at this website which has advice directly from agents

I’m keeping it short and sweet today as not feeling 100% so I’ll finish by recommending the blogs included on my blogroll (down right hand side of the page) for further writers resources..

 Have a great weekend, Nikki.


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