Still Here..Still Writing…

So I’ve been quiet on here for a while. Most people who know me will say that it’s pretty unusual that I ever stop either (a) talking or (b) writing. You’ll have to forgive me. Suffice to say that work and family life have overtaken the needs of the blog, but…I’m back!

The local beach - Glyfada

We’ve just got back from a hugely anticipated and lovely holiday to Corfu, where we met some amazing people. The weather was gorgeous, the kids were well behaved, the hubby similarly so (!) and my tan is satisfyingly golden. We stayed at the Aqualand Village Resort which had a waterpark attached to it, which we all loved. The apartments were much better than we anticipated, as was the food. The entertainment team, from Bulgaria, were fantastic. They couldn’t do enough for you and we had loads of fun with them.

I even got up and sang two songs on the Karaoke evening, my husband won Mr Aqualand and  our six year old son had a crowd of cheering people clapping for him when he got up on stage and did some of his freestyle break/street dancing. I promised lots of people that he’ll be on Britain’s Got Talent next year!

Aqualand Village Resort apartments

On the downside I missed a best friend’s hen night and the RNA summer party, both of which I would have loved to be at. The upside is that I am back for the wedding, the next RNA party and am rather relaxed and did lots of writing on holiday. I earnt some strange looks from other holidayers when I was propped up at a table with a line of beer cups, furiously typing into my partner’s netbook, while everyone around me lay by the pool.

Since I’ve been back I have caught up with my emails and posts from fellow Romantic Novelists Association members. There’s been a bit of a furore about an article written by a journo from the Daily Mail who attended the RNA Summer party, and writer Kate Johnson has had, with several hundred others, something to say about it. Here:-

I like her style! And totally agree. I’ll be backing this campaign.

I’ve met Kate and she’s both glam and gorgeous and always has some great outfits, not to mention some mouth watering shoes.

So, on to more specific writerly stuff. Whilst I’ve been away a while on the blog, I haven’t been neglecting my new year’s resolutions. I have been:

1)  Redrafting two MS (one for the New Writer’s Scheme).

I’ve included the link to the RNA and NWS before but I’ll include it again as any aspiring romantic fiction author should be a member. Please note however that you won’t be able to join the NWS until January 2012. and

2) Redrafting and polishing a short story I’ve entered into the Bridport Prize. Why not? Be brave, be bold! Closing date is 30th June 2011.

3) Sent a short story off to a woman’s mag. Still awaiting news.

4) Working on my current WIP.

5) Working on an opening chapter I’d like to enter for the Harry Bowling prize. Closing at the end of September.

Plus I’ve been reading loads, having just discovered the Roy Grace series by Peter James, set in Brighton. They’re crime/thriller and unputdownable. Reading definitely helps to improve your writing (plus I love it!) so whenever I have a moment spare I have my nose in a book.

Lastly, I want to add a huge congratulations to my Aunt, Sue Moorcroft, whose new novel Love & Freedom is published on 1st June.  Well done – love the cover. Have it on pre-order now!

Happy writing. Back soon! Nikki. x


2 thoughts on “Still Here..Still Writing…

  1. Chris Stovell says:

    Good to see you back, but even better to hear how much writing you’ve been doing. You’ve been really busy – even through your holiday (a true writer indeed!). Are you going to the Summer Conference? Hope to catch up with you there if so.

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Thanks Chris, I try! Unfortunately I can’t make the conference but am hoping to be at the Festival of Romance in October and the RNA Winter Party in November. Would be lovely to catch up. Take care, ATB.

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