Writing Competitions..

I’ll admit it – I have a real problem focusing on one particular writing project. When it comes to writing I’m like a magpie; flittering from nest to nest, looking for the next shiny thing to pick up. I always finish things, eventually, it’s just that I like to work on different pieces of work at the same time. If I have a bad day at work and don’t fancy working on a full MS, I write a short story for a writing competition or one aimed at the Women’s Mag market. There’s something about short stories – something about trying to tell a good story in only a few thousand words, that’s really appealing. Challenging, but appealing. Hence why I decided to enter the Bridport Prize. Don’t miss your chance – it closes on the 30th June – next Thursday.


It’s also worth mentioning that the Alan Titchmarsh Show is running a writing competition, looking for an unpublished writer who could be commercially successful. The prize is a £10K advance, payable in two parts..and you don’t even need to have finished the novel. If you’ve got a couple of chapters for a book that you started on and never finished, why not pick it up from that drawer, or pull it out from under the bed, or grab it from the overflowing magazine rack and have a look at it, redraft it, polish it and send it out? The comp closes on 1st July, so you’ve still got a bit of time.


Good luck!

Nikki x


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