Pre-published writers – to business card..or not..

I read an article in one of the writing magazines that I subscribe to that summarised, said that if you want to be a writer, you have to be serious about it, see it as a profession, even if you’re not published yet. The recommendation was that you should set yourself up with a business cards / headed paper / compliment slips etc

It’s an interesting idea and one I’d not really thought about before, thinking it was more for published authors on the publicity trail. When I was at last year’s RNA conference there were certainly a lot of business cards, bookmarks, postcards, even luggage labels being given out by authors and publishers and they were certainly impressive, but not something I’d been thinking about doing myself for a good while yet (until that precious writing contract is on the table!)

But after seeing that article, which tied in neatly with being emailed a special offer by Vistaprint ( who produce a wide range of similar stuff, I decided what the heck, I’d give it a go. An hour later, having spent time using the very accessible Vistaprint site, I’d designed a business card. The wide range of themes, templates, designs and options was pretty impressive and I actually enjoyed the experience. The hardest part was deciding what to put as my title on the card. Aspiring author? Pre-published writer? Wannabe writer?  Those didn’t really represent the message I was going for, and as I was buying a bulk order of 250 cards I wanted something that would be apt for a while. But was I okay to call myself a writer? I agonised.  Then I remembered something that gets regularly quoted on writing websites and magazines. Can’t remember who said it but in a nutshell it’s, ‘if you write, then you’re a writer.’ I do write. I spend as much time as possible writing around the day job, the kids, the hubby, the housework, the need to eat and sleep..I’ve even been fortunate to place as a finalist in a couple of competitions.

So I decided that I was justified in including writer on my card. Then I decided that I wanted something that encapsulated me as a whole person rather than simply the writer side of me (pretty integral to my personality, but not everything)..and thought something light-hearted wouldn’t go amiss..

So at last I settled on, ‘Nikki Goodman. Mum, HR Guru and Writer.’  Okay the title isn’t quite complete, but if it was it would also include wife, housekeeper and general lackey, taxi driver, devourer of books and white wine, laundry expert, colleague, friend, daughter, karaoke get the picture.  No business card is that big.

Then there was the question of what contact details to put on there. Just email and phone? Or address as well? I wasn’t sure. I went back and forth a bit…and made a decision.

I’m pleased with the finished result, the cards have already been despatched (incredibly quickly as I only placed the order on Tuesday evening and I picked Standard 14 day delivery) and I’m eagerly awaiting the moment when the package arrives at my door. Let’s hope the cards live up to my expectations. I’ll let you know. For now, here’s a sneak peek.

My Business Card - Front

My Business Card - Back

In the meantime, why not order some business cards for yourself? Or at least have a go at designing one before you make a decision?

Happy Writing, Nikki


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