Good News…? RNA Conference..and shoes!

Last weekend an American romance e-publisher asked to see the whole manuscript for one of the shorter (60K)  romance novels that I’ve written,  having seen the first three chapters. Yes! I thought, they like it!

I won’t try to pretend I wasn’t excited. I was like a little kid on their birthday; I have absolutely no shame in admitting that, especially given that it was my birthday earlier this week and I was extremely excitable at work , which my colleagues coped with admirably, probably in part to the sugar based snacks I brought in for them….ah-hem… Anyway, yes, back to writing…

For me there is nothing quite like the feeling of someone who works as a professional in the publishing industry saying,  yes, we’d like to see more please. It makes all those grabbed minutes of precious solitary writing time over early mornings, lunch times and evenings – ignoring the real world because I’m buried in my own fictional one – worth it. It means that when I talk to people about how much I love writing and they look at me blankly, not getting it, I can give them a huge grin and not care. It means that when people scoff and make comments about my ‘little efforts’ or are derisive, I can  look them in the eye and tell them that I don’t think I’m wasting my time.  Ooh, if that’s how good it feels to have a full MS requested, what state will I be in if ever offered a publishing contract?

So, full MS requested, I thought I’d give it one last polish before sending off, the problem was where to get the time? I had hoped that I’d be able to go to the annual RNA – Romantic Novelists Association – Conference last weekend but for various reasons that I won’t bore you with, it wasn’t going to happen. So the weekend was free of structured activity..but what to do with the hubby, kids and animals?

My hubby kindly offered (was persuaded after some discussion/pleading/bribery) to take responsibility for the kids for all of Saturday and Sunday. So I put in ten hours on Saturday and eight hours on Sunday – usually about 4 weeks of writing time – to honing the MS (again!)  and cutting the word count. I was quietly pleased with it. I sent it off, fingers crossed..Update in the next post.

Moving onto other writing related matters, re the RNA conference, I hear it was fab, with as usual a good amount of wine being consumed and lots of fab shoes on display – obviously other writer related activities went on as well! Check it out at the RNA blog at

Speaking of fab shoes – these are my friend Carly’s that a good number of us girls were jealous of when she wore them to our friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. If you love shoes you’ll appreciate this picture, plus the one underneath of some I’ve got my eye on..sshhh, don’t tell the hubby; he thinks I have too many shoes already! How does he not know that is simply not possible?

Until my next post, Happy Writing (or shoe shopping, if the pictures have inspired you)!

Nikki x


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