Me and My Kindle


I love my Kindle


Okay, so it might not be grammatically correct but I thought that ‘My Kindle and I’ would sound as if I was in a relationship with the thing e.g. my Kindle and I are going to dinner and the cinema. Although … I have a confession to make; I may as well be!

As a life long book lover – we’re talking cycling down to the library with a rucksack as a child and loading up with ten books at a time (and doing that weekly) – I have always loved ‘real’ books.’  There is a certain magic in scouring a bookshop for book and finding it like a hidden treasure, and the old classic paperbacks have that lovely musty smell about them. More importantly, reading in the bath with a glass of wine has always been a big addiction (that my husband and kids have never understood).

I really didn’t like the thought of a blocky plastic gadget that, whilst providing the words to me, wouldn’t provide the tactile experience of reading that I have always enjoyed. But I bought one because the last time we went abroad, the number of books I packed into my case added kilos to the luggage allowance. Plus I’d heard some good things about e-readers in general that boded well.

So I went into a shop and had a fiddle with one and decided it was worth the investment. And – shock, horror – I am a convert. I like how light my Kindle is, I like how it can fit into my handbag, how many books can be downloaded, how long the battery lasts for and how user-friendly it is. Especially useful is being able to read it in bed with the light built into the cover. My hubby can finally get to bed at a reasonable time whilst I read.

BUT I have to say  – though my Kindle is great and it is usually to be found somewhere on my person, for me it will never totally replace hard copy books, especially for my reading in the bath addiction (I end up holding it so tensely for fear of dropping it that any relaxation in the experience disappears)!

I think that there is a place for Kindles/E-readers and books. I don’t see a world in which books will ever be truly obsolete, despite what industry professionals might be saying. I will stand up and be counted – I love my Kindle, but I also love traditional books.

Happy Writing, Nikki.


9 thoughts on “Me and My Kindle

  1. suemoorcroft says:

    Yup agree with all of that. And I blogged about my Kindle and have just been asked to receive a free Kindle cover to review …!

    Have told them I’ve just got an iPad, too.

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:


      In that case, do they need shoes testing? If so, I have a pair of feet that are very happy to oblige! All offers considered …

      Nikki 🙂

  2. Lisa Illingworth says:

    Sam & I debate this alllll the time. I love books & don’t think anything can replace them; the smell and the excitement of opening the book to the first page and the happiness of holding all those pages yet to be read in your hands. But you really can’t beat a book in the bath or on a beach.

    I stare at a screen all day at work & don’t like the idea of doing the same at home. However I find myself doing just that with my iPad & blogs…

    Love from France xxx

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:


      am glad you do! From Lisa’s Lips is one cool blog! Happy to let you fondle my Kindle if you fancy a try! (Oo-er).

      Happy holidays – say hello to my homeland!

      Nikki 🙂

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Hi Deirdra,

      thanks for the lovely comment. Will check out the award and your blog.

      Best wishes, Nikki

  3. 13artiag says:

    Hi Nikki,
    I think this debate shall never end. Often i have looked at the Kindle and thought of buying it but the feeling of holding a book and cozening up with it just doesn’t work out with a kindle.. I loved about what you wrote about the fear of dropping it in the bath and the relaxation vanishing!!

    • nikkigoodmanwannabewriter says:

      Hi Arti,

      Thanks for the comment. I absolutely agree that the debate will go on and on. Some people hate Kindles /e-readers, some love them. I am always surpirsed when talking to friends and family which is which, that is, the people I thought would love the kindle because they’re into gadgets hate it, and the people who are technophobes love it. Despite all the articles in the press about the death of traditional publishing and ‘tree’ books, I think there will always be a place for them; I simply can’t imagine a world without ‘real’ books and bookcases and libraries and bookshops and … you get the point!

      Happy writing, Nikki

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