Just keep swimming!

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I caught some of Finding Nemo the other day. It was the bit where Dori tells Marlin that all he has to do is ‘just keep swimming,’ (when life is getting you down).

It struck me that it applies to writing too. Not that it gets you down, although you do have to be pretty thick-skinned when another rejection letter lands on the doormat or the results for a competition you’ve entered is shared and you’re not on the list. No, it’s that if you want to be a published author you need to keep moving, and never give up. You have to keep writing stories or novels or whatever it is that you love to create, and refine it and revise it and polish it … and keeping send it out!

Being published is a mixture of hard work, talent, luck and perseverance. If you don’t ‘just keep swimming’ it will never happen. An agent is not going to knock on your door demanding to see the hidden masterpiece languishing in your bottom drawer and offer you a six figure deal for it. You have to get it out there and react positively to constructive criticism.

I’ve had moments (okay, so they can last a few days rather than a mere moment) when I’ve wondered whether to just give up, accept that I will never be a published author. Then I realise that even if I never get published I love to write and read, and if I did neither I would be very bored. Then I also remind myself of the successes and positive feedback I’ve had where my writing is concerned and I think that maybe, just maybe I have a chance. So I decide to keep going, push forward, because as Dori says …  just keep swimming.

On that note, my shortlisted Top 20 entry for Novelicious Undiscovered is due to be showcased on the Novelicious website on 29 May! Please go and have a look if you can. The site started showcasing the other entries (one a day) last week and the standard is high, so do pop in and have a read. The link is at:


The public vote opens on 5 June. As luck would have it I will be in a gite in the wilds of Northern France in the first week of June, and therefore my ability to access the internet (and promote) may be limited, but if nothing else, I will be happy to have been in the Top 20 with such a lovely bunch of people.

Happy Writing, Nikki.


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