Exciting Announcement; Writing, Work and Wine with…

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I’m very excited to be able to announce that over the next few months I will be running a series of posts with a variety of published and pre-published authors ‘Writing, Work and Wine with…’ This is a chance to get to know published writers better as well as showcase pre-published writers. The posts should be fun and informative and I’m really looking forward to sharing these with you once or twice a week. Who knows what we’ll learn?

The posts will include advice and sharing of stories from the authors about:-


  • Their writing journey – how they got published ‘The Call’ or if pre-published, their strategy for getting published
  • Writing Tips
  • Details of new releases


  • Their ‘day’ job if not writing full time, or if they are, what a writing day looks like, where they write etc
  • Best and worst things about their work/writing


  • Their favourite white, red, rose etc.
  • Their favourite alternative if they’re not a wine drinker

The first post kicks off with the fabulous Sue Moorcroft (who, ahem, may just be a blood relative of mine).

Hope to see you here!

Happy writing, Nikki x


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