Who floats your boat?

I admit it. I have another weakness other than writing… and shoes.

(Clearing of throat and standing up to face the group) My name is Nikki and I like to look at handsome men.

Which is a happy coincidence, because although I never base characters on real people I do find that having pictures and photos to look at can spark inspiration when writing. Having a visual helps me describe my heroes and heroines physically so that they are as real as possible for readers (they are real in my head and I have conversations with them so what I want is for that to translate to anyone who reads my short stories/novels).

Here are the guys that inspire me when I’m creating my leading men. (Trust me, this post only skims the surface!)

I’ve had a massive crush on David Boreanaz ever since he played Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer  and then his own spin-off series (long before vampires got cool again with the release of the Twilight series). When he started playing Agent Booth in Bones I was in heaven. There’s something about that ‘cocky’ belt that he wears…

Ryan Reynolds, I can’t even speak… sigh.

I’ve always thought that Brad Pitt was beautiful. Some of my earliest sightings of him was in Thelma and Louise and in the Levi’s ad – it was sinful how great he looked in those tight jeans.

Jared Leto was the guy that my friends and I drooled over in sixth form when we used to watch My So-called Life with Clare Danes in it. His character was the stoic bad boy with the piercing blue eyes. Just gorgeous. The boys in our school were so irritated by us cooing and sighing over the blue-eyed one that they started a rumour that he died!

Lastly, a newly discovered delight is the late Andy Whitfield, who played Spartacus in the TV series (Season One, Blood & Sand). An amazing actor and a beautiful looking man who sadly passed away last year after a terminal illness. It’s hard to believe he was becoming unwell when he looked so healthy and fit in the series. A brave man to be much admired.

Now, enough about me – who floats your boat?

I’d love to hear…

And I am delighted to confirm that now the craziness of the RNA Conference (check out last week’s post) is over, my guest posts will be returning. Look out for the Writing, Work and Wine With… series next week.

Until then, happy writing / drooling,



8 thoughts on “Who floats your boat?

    • nikkigoodman says:

      Hi and thanks for leaving a comment.

      Ooh I love him… he was in the Fantastic Four right?

      I think I have a new crush – Tom Hardy, very hot in This Means War but particularly unsexy playing the baddie Bane in the new Batman movie… shows what a good actor he is that I didn’t recognise him by face, body or voice! Here he is http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0362766/

      Nikki 🙂

  1. carol hedges says:

    Hi Nikki: Cake. Bags. And the handsome man I’m married to all float my boat – ooh, and Divine oraange milk chocolate.The men who came to cut down my trees were rather nice too. Mmmmm….. now following you. Check me out at http://carolhedges.blogspot.com. Love to do a guest blog for you, soon. About to launch ebook. : )

    • nikkigoodman says:

      Hi Carol,

      Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment.

      I love bags too! How could I forget to mention those? Will hop over, check out your blog and contact you directly re featuring on Writing, Work and Wine With…

      Intrigued by the mention of the men cutting down your trees… were they shirtless when they did it?

      All the best, Nikki 🙂

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