Coming out of the Writer’s Cave…


Well, I’m coming out of the writer’s cave, eyes blinking in the winter sunlight, having been holed away in the darkness with minimal human contact for the last month. And why, you ask? Well it’s all down to the task I set myself for November, a National Novel Writing Month style challenge to write 50,000 words in one month. Instead of starting on a manuscript from scratch though (as with official NaNo) I wanted to carry on with one of the works in progress, Random Acts.

And did I achieve it? In a word… NO. I failed to hit my target by 4500 words! So near yet so far!

Now, I could berate myself but actually it’s an incredible amount of words compared to my usual output, which though respectable is nowhere near an average of 11,000 words per week. Plus I did this around a full-time job and the kids so I’m not too disappointed when it comes down to it. It means that I have around 80% of a first draft completed and I am on track, if I can keep up November’s output, to get the first draft done by 21 December, when I finish work for the Christmas break.

I did manage one social outing however…

RNA Artwork FINAL CMYKWhen I said I’ve been in the writer’s cave  I meant that I’ve tried to steer clear of social media sites (only really going on Facebook to log progress with the challenge in order to stay motivated)  I haven’t blogged, my writing-related email in boxes are at 60 items each and counting and I’ve done little reading. However, I have not been so antisocial that I couldn’t make it to the Romantic Novelists Association Winter Party on 21 November, where I joined in with giggles, canapes, drink, gossip and yes, the more serious business of the state of the publishing industry. Those of you who are RNA members will be able to see my write-up in the next edition of Romance Matters. For now here’s the link to the RNA blog for photos. Anyone with eagle eyes will be able to spot my red shoes in one of the pics, though sadly my legs look like tree trunks (it’s the thick black tights / camera angle, honest guv!)

Additionally, I am delighted to announce that my guest posts will be back on Wednesdays and debut Choc Lit author Henri Gyland will be  featuring on 12 December with more fab authors to follow.

imagescasthp2bI am also thrilled to say that Sue Moorcroft’s latest release – Dream A Little Dream – is her best yet. Yes, she is my Aunt and yes I’m biased but it’s still true! Check it out at Amazon








I’d like to finish this post on a very positive note. Everyone is saying that it’s getting harder and harder to find an agent, that big publishers are picking up very few debut authors and it’s all been a bit doom and gloom (despite the rise of the independents and how many doors self-publishing has opened to new authors). Therefore it gives me great pleasure to give a big shout out to six of the nine Romaniacs, who were shortlisted for the Festival of Romance New Talent Award and to Celia Anderson (also a Romaniac) who won a publishing contract with Piatkus Entice in the FoR ‘Win a Publishing Contract’ competition. FoR

A humongous well done and congratulations to all of them. Here are some of the details; and




I thought I’d leave with you with something non-writerly that I tried out on Saturday night during a brief respite from writing. I don’t think it’s too bad for a first attempt. Nb I was going for a Xmas theme (think candy-cane etc)! See below.

Hope to see you back here on the 12th for Henri’s blog post.

For now, Happy Writing everyone.

Nikki x

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3 thoughts on “Coming out of the Writer’s Cave…

  1. Laura E. James says:

    Lovely to have you back, Nikki, and congratulations on 45,000 words – that’s no mean feat. It was great to see you at the Winter Party and thank you for The Romaniac shout out. xx

  2. suemoorcroft says:

    I can only congratulate you on writing 45,000 words in a month!!! That’s an amazing total.

    And congratulate you on your excellent taste in reading matter too, of course. 😉 xxx

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