A Little Bit of Love…

heartNo author post this week but as its Valentine’s day and therefore a time to celebrate love I thought I’d share a poem I wrote for a friend and her future husband (now happily married and fabulously tanned after a honeymoon in Mexico).

I tend to write short stories and novels but I think it’s good for writers to try out different types of writing. I used to write poetry in my early teens so this was a bit of a trip down nostalgia lane too! I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Hope you like it…


Until the sun stops shining
and the wind stops blowing 
Until the tides stop turning
I’ll be yours
Until the moon stops glowing
And the world stops spinning
And there are no more numbers
I’ll be yours
Until the leaves stop falling rusty-brown and russet
Marking the relentless passing of the seasons
And gravity reverses and pushes us into space
And the clocks stop ticking
I’ll be yours
Until the clouds pull the rain back up into the sky
And rivers cease to flow blue and foamy white
And the sea dries up to leave a wasteland of salt
And the earth’s plates stop shifting
I’ll be yours
Until there are no more rainbows
And colours only exist in dreams 
I’ll be yours 
And you’ll be mine.
What we have is infinity
Because what we share is love.
Nikki Goodman, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Writing, Nikki x


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