Another great competition for aspiring authors. Reblogged from my pal Jera’s fantastic awe-inspiring blog. Check it out if you have a minute

Jera's Jamboree

Are you a new writer?

Cornerstones, the UK’s leading literary consultancy, is coming together with a panel of top UK agents to hunt for debut writers with the ‘Wow’ factor.  

Cornerstones is hungry to find two dazzling manuscripts (one children’s and one adult) with that extra something. ‘It’s tough for a new writer to break into the publishing arena. But debut writers and self-publishing successes are great publicity hooks so we’re feeling confident and excited about this competition,’ says founder and co-director Helen Corner.

The Cornerstones WowFactor competition 2013 will be judged by a panel of agents and is a great opportunity to get your work seen by the trade.

Log on to their website for the Terms and Conditions and Guidelines before submitting.

Entry fee is £10 and is open to writers over 18yrs in the UK and abroad. Manuscripts must be complete, and the author unagented; self-published…

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