Writing, Work and Wine with… Rosalie Ash

Author Rosalie AshRosalie Ash is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and the Society of Authors.  She was first published by Harlequin Mills and Boon in the late 80’s, wrote full-time until the late 90’s, and has had 21 novels published by them with worldwide distribution. Some of her early Presents/Modern books are available in Vintage Harlequin editions at Amazon,  and many are still being translated into foreign languages (the latest was a Japanese digital cartoon with unexpectedly generous royalties!)  But after a lengthy break from writing, she has re-written some to bring them totally up to date, and self-published them via the wonderful world of  e-books.

Q. Welcome Rosalie, I’m delighted to  *meet* an original HM&B author (I read a lot of romances in my teens) as well as a fellow RNA member. You’ve given us a fantastic bio, but can you tell us a little more about your writing?

A. Of course. Well, when I was writing for Harlequin M&B, my books were considered to be quite ‘steamy’, but by today’s standards with the huge popularity of erotica, they’re probably quite tame. Basically they are classic love stories, written to the successful HM&B guidelines. I’ve really enjoyed re-writing some of my early books, updating my characters’ technology (no-one had mobile phones back then), and updating their 80’s ‘Dynasty’ wardrobes!

Q. That must have been fun! So, have you ever had an agent?

A. I never had an agent when I was being traditionally published, and now that I’m self-publishing I don’t think I’ll need one.  I succeeded in getting published by my targeted publisher HM&B by submitting loads of manuscripts and coping with rejections for four years before I hit lucky.

Q. Wow, that’s perseverance for you – I’m impressed! Can you share your top three tips for writers with us?

1) Create three-dimensional characters with strengths and weaknesses

2) Write every day

3) Have self-belief and NEVER give up

Q. Well, you’ve certainly lived by number three..!. So what about work? Do you have a day job?

A. I quit my day job (I was an Events Executive with a conference and meetings management company), a year ago, to concentrate on self-publishing. My only regret is that I haven’t worked faster to get more of my books published as e-books. I am in total awe of your blog guests who juggle full-time jobs, small children, and prolific writing.  I get waylaid by all kinds of distractions. I struggle pathetically with the technology of e-book formatting and uploading, (I’ve now spent well over six weeks trying to get my book MELTING ICE onto iTunes), I look after my three-year old granddaughter regularly, spend hours on our allotment, and several weeks a year at our house in South West France, take around 10 additional weeks holiday a year at other places, but if there is a magic formula for glueing myself to my chair and writing much faster and more efficiently, can someone please let me have it! The clock is ticking…

Melting Ice FC V4

Q. LOL. I think a lot of writers struggle with procrastination. What’s that acronym? BOSFOK? (Sounds rude but…Bum On Seat, Fingers On Keyboard)! What’s a typical writing day for you, when you do settle?

A. Once I get focussed, and stop faffing around on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc I spend hours on Scrivener, writing in scenes, visualising my characters as actors in a film. I also refer to photos of real actors as inspiration – Daniel Craig was my hero Matt in MELTING ICE, and Liv Tyler was my heroine Victoria. In BREAKING VOWS, my WIP second book of the ROUNDWELL FARM trilogy, Julia Roberts plays Jessica.

Q. Fascinating. I’ve found that visualisation can make it easier to ‘write’ characters and often makes them seem more real when reading back over the MS… However, I haven’t tried Scrivener (though I started reading the book by David Hewson on the subject) so may give it a whirl. So lastly, what’s your favourite wine?

A. A nice cold glass (or two!) of dry Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio at shortly after 6.00 p.m.!

Excellent! Thank you for stopping in Rosalie and good luck with your books.

You can buy Rosalie Ash’s books on Amazon:

Melting Ice on Kindle:


Melting Ice print version:


and at Allromancebooks.com http://goo.gl/Lv09D

You can find out more about Rosalie on her website at http://rosalieash.wordpress.com

On Facebook at http://facebook.com/rosalie.ash.9

Or on Twitter via @rosalieash

I’m going to take a short break from blogging whilst I work on some writing projects, but will reblog any interesting posts I come across. 

PLUS I am delighted to be on Shaz’s blog talking about my love of stationery today – please pop over and have a look at http://jerasjamboree.com/ 

Shaz’s blog is fab. Full of interviews and reviews and you can tell she genuinely loves books and reading…and alongside the blog the Wonderwoman runs a virtual book tour service and works in education too!

My next W, W & W guest post will be with the fabulous Jean Fullerton on 5th June as part of her latest blog tour for her new release Call Nurse Millie, so look out for that.

Until then, as always… Happy Writing, Nikki.


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