When I saw this post on the Romaniac blog I had to reblog it.

Counting the Romaniacs amongst my writerly friends – meeting them at the Festival of Romance 2011, where they all met and decided to form the group – and having spent a drunken night or two with them at last year’s RNA conference I have been thrilled for them at their successes. And this is the latest one … Laura James, my fellow Dorset scribe, has a contract with the fantastic Choc Lit, one of my favourite publishers. Well done Laura and here’s to having a glass of celebratory wine at this year’s conference!

Laura’s success also shines a brilliant spotlight on the Romantic Novelists Association, of which we are all members. Yay for the RNA!

The Romaniacs

Sorry for shouting. It wasn’t the aggressive shouty type. More of a town cryer style because Hear ye, Hear ye we have some fantastic news for you today. And without further ado, we’ll get on with asking the lady herself…

Author Pic Brighter

We’ve noticed at Romaniac HQ that Laura hasn’t been eating her cake of late. We know this means something is on her mind. So, tell us Laura, what’s occurring?

You know me, stomach’s always the first to give when anything major happens in my life.

Don’t leave us guessing, Laura! You are being interviewed by a lady who is heavily pregnant with twins. I’m not in a position to be left in the lurch. What is the MAJOR thing that has happened in your life?

Sorry, Catherine. Hang in there.

I should warn you, I’m liable to spontaneously combust at any moment, and that’s something even I can’t plan for…

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