Writing, Work and Wine with… Teresa F. Morgan


Teresa F Morgan lives in sunny Weston-super-Mare, trying to hold onto her Surrey accent where she was born and bred. For years she persevered with boring jobs, until her two boys joined her nest. In an attempt to find something to work around them, and to ensure she never endured full time boredom again, she found writing.

Teresa is at her happiest baking cakes, putting proper home cooked dinners on the table (whether the kids eat them or not), reading a good romance, or sitting at her PC emptying her thoughts onto the screen. She loves writing contemporary romance, stories with a touch of escapism and creating heroes readers will fall in love with. Men who in reality, let’s face it, just don’t exist.

Welcome Teresa, so happy to have you here, especially as we’re fellow HarperImpulse authors and share a book, Be My Valentine! So, tell us about your writing.

Well, I started writing fan-fiction in 2006 and haven’t really looked back. In 2009 I decided it would be lovely to do it professionally and earn money from writing. Something to work around the kids, so that I could remain a stay-at-home mum – within reason.

I joined the Writers’ Bureau, and started their Comprehensive Writing Course and in the meantime entered the Mills and Boon New Voices competition in 2010. That was the start of The Wedding Favour, which I submitted in 2012 to suitable publishers. I got positive feedback from them all, but sadly they were thanks but no thanks rejections.

Last year, one of my fellow Romantic Novelists Association chapter meeting members announced they’d been accepted by HarperImpulse. I looked the company up and saw they were HarperCollins’ brand new imprint company, and decided to grab the bull by the horns and sent off my manuscript. Three months later (approximately) my book was published with HarperImpulse, who had offered me a two book contract. They changed the name to suit the chick-lit/Rom-com genre it fits, to ‘Plus One is a Lucky Number.’

What I would say to all new writers out there is to not give up. I know everyone says that but it’s true. And write. You can’t edit a blank page, so just write, whenever you can. Don’t worry about the content, just get that story down on paper (or screen).


Plus one is a lucky number


Wow, sounds like a bit of a whirlwind in the end! And I love the title, and your cover … and your book is in my ‘to be read’ pile 🙂 And I absolutely agree with you about the advice to aspiring authors – write, write, write and don’t give up! So, do you write full time or have a day job too? Tell us about your work.

Unfortunately, I do need a regular income. Recently I changed jobs, and I now work in a Post Office 17.5 hours a week. I’m also a lunchtime supervisor (dinner lady) at my boys’ school once a week, too. When I’m not letting real life get in the way with feeding the kids, doing the ‘work work’, and housework, I try to write. If I’m too tired then I do what I call ‘Writing Related Activities’, i.e. reading, blogging, social media. I rarely watch TV, unless I’m doing the ironing, so spend most of my evenings during the week, once the kids are in bed, writing. I wish I really could be a full time writer as that gives me the most joy and fulfilment. However it sadly doesn’t pay that well yet. But I’ve given myself a ten year plan… so we will see.

We’re on the same page there – my dream is to write full time too – and I just love the sound of a ten year plan … must get myself one of those! Maybe you can help me put one together at the next HarperImpulse event we’re both at … over wine of course. Speaking of which – what is your favourite wine?

I love wine: red, white, and rosé. My favourite, if I had to pick one, is a Californian rosé, Gallo White Grenache – which is so refreshing and easily drinkable. Works well on a hot summer’s evening. Otherwise I tend to pick New Zealand or Australian wines, especially reds. I also love sparkling wines, and if I could afford to drink it more often, Champagne. But I’ve found a good bottle of Prosecco can be a cheaper alternative to Champagne for a poor writer … And I’ve recently discovered Chambord to add a little raspberry touch.

Wow, I’m impressed – I know who to come to next time I fancy a glass of something nice. Thanks so much for stopping in Teresa and hope to see you soon! 🙂

You can buy Teresa’s Plus One is a Lucky Number via;

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You can also buy the 4 and 5* Amazon rated gorgeous short story collection Be My Valentine, featuring stories by Brigid Coady, Teresa and I for 99p at;

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And you can find out more about Teresa by going to … Blog / Website / Twitter / Facebook

As for me, I’ll be back very soon.

Until then, happy reading and writing, Nikki x


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