New Release; The Highwayman’s Daughter by Henriette Gyland


About Henriette

Henriette grew up in Northern Denmark but moved to England after graduating from University of Copenhagen. She wrote her first book aged ten, a tale of two orphan sisters running away to Egypt fortunately to be adopted by a perfect family they meet on the Orient Express.

Between that first literary exploit and now, she has worked in the Danish civil service, for a travel agent, a consultancy company, in banking, hospital administration, and for a county court before setting herself up as a freelance translator and linguist.

She has won two prizes, the RNA’s Katie Fforde Bursary in 2008 and the 2011 Festival of Romance New Talent Award, which led to a publishing contract with the independent publisher Choc Lit. She writes very dark, romantic suspense novels, and loves giving her characters that happy ending which troubled individuals are so often denied in real life.

Welcome Henri, great to have a fellow member of the Romantic Novelists Association here. So, please tell us about your new release.

My latest novel “The Highwayman’s Daughter” is my first historical. It’s set in 1768 and will be published in paperback by Choc Lit on the 7th May 2014.

The story is about a young female robber who holds up a carriage and gets more than she bargained for!

Here’s the blurb…

Is it a crime to steal a heart?

Hounslow, 1768. Jack Blythe, heir to the Earl of Lampton, is a man with great expectations. So when his carriage is held up by a masked woman, brandishing a pistol and dressed as a gentleman of the road, he wholly expects to have his purse stolen. And when he senses something strangely familiar about the lovely little bandit, Jack also expects to win his cousin’s wager by tracking her down first.

But as Jack and the highwaywoman enter into a swashbuckling game of cat and mouse, uncovering an intricate web of fiercely guarded family secrets, the last thing Jack expects to have stolen is his heart.

The Highwayman’s Daughter” is the first part of a planned trilogy and I’ve already written a sketchy outline for Book 2 in the trilogy although I’m hoping to publish another contemporary between the two historicals.

Sounds intriguing! I’ll definitely be downloading this one … and I love the cover. Before you go, can you tell us something about your writing process? What inspired this book? How long did it take to write? What kind of research did you have to do?

I was inspired to write this book because I’ve always wanted one of my characters to utter those memorable words “stand and deliver!” (almost as satisfying as saying the words “follow that car!”) When the idea came to me in 2009, I created a very detailed outline, but because this is my first historical, a lot had to be changed in the nine months it took me to write the story in order for it to be authentic to the period.

The story is set on Hounslow Heath and the surrounding area, but because very little of the Heath is left today (a lot is buried underneath the runway to Heathrow airport) I spent a lot of time in the reference library, poring over old maps and reading first-hand accounts from that time. I also read up on highwaymen and the Georgian underworld in general, which was extremely fascinating!

So you had lots of fun writing this one then? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and sharing your new release with us – I hope it does well.

The Highwayman’s Daughter is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books and other retailers, including via the following links:-

You can find out more about Henriette via…




Thanks for popping in, until next time…

Happy reading and writing, Nikki x




10 thoughts on “New Release; The Highwayman’s Daughter by Henriette Gyland

  1. bernimoonhouse1620 says:

    I loved The Highwayman’s Daughter 🙂 I’ve always had a soft spot for Highwaymen – although perhaps I wouldn’t if I’d lived during that era! I hope the book does really well Henri, it deserves to! xxxx

  2. Christine Stovell says:

    I love the cover of this one – was intrigued since I first saw it, I’ll be reading it soon but life has got in the way a bit lately! xx

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