Update; #LoveLondon price blitz plus a word on #Promo

I posted yesterday about some of the #LoveLondon series short stories discounted to 49p here http://t.co/9qhZIzKXb3. Although Valentine’s on Primrose Hill has returned to 99p, the others are still on offer if you haven’t got copies yet…

And it’s not just Amazon – in my haste yesterday I didn’t mention that the series are also on a price blitz (most of them at 49p) at;


Skating at Somerset House –  http://bit.ly/1AhSbL9

New Year at The Ritz – http://bit.ly/1DMel7Q

Valentine’s on Primrose Hill – http://bit.ly/19e4f45

Cocktails in Chelsea – http://bit.ly/1zzQ9ir

Strawberries at Wimbledon – http://bit.ly/1A2VPoJ

Plus the full length novel Picnics in Hyde Park is on offer as an eBook at £2.48 – http://bit.ly/170zDkY


Skating at Somerset House – http://bit.ly/1ClRwpq

New Year at The Ritz – http://bit.ly/1AuIiIo

Valentine’s on Primrose Hill – http://bit.ly/1AhRpxz

And now for the wonders of promo/pricing. At this moment, Skating at Somerset House is currently #54 in Short Stories on Kobo, #15 in Amazon Holidays chart (#98 in anthologies at 6.00 a.m. this morning); Valentine’s on Primrose Hill is #59 in Short Stories on Kobo and Strawberries at Wimbledon is at #79 in Amazon Holidays chart. I’m definitely starting today very happy 🙂

I’m not boasting. I honestly don’t feel I can take much credit for the chart positions. While I did quite a lot of promo from Thursday 5th February onwards for the release of Valentine’s on Primrose Hill, and took part in the Romance Festival last weekend, I’m not sure how or if any of that contributed. I actually think chart positions are down to an odd mixture of algorithms, pricing strategies, buying patterns, publisher/marketing action and a massive dose of luck. But I AM very grateful for every sale and to every reader who has catapulted some of the stories into the charts.The main reason for sharing the chart positions (apart from being able to take a tiny moment to smile about it) is actually to say that if it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. So if you are an author, aspiring or otherwise, and are intimidated about other people’s perceived successes or experiences and you’re thinking, why bother, please keep going. Follow your dream; there’s room for everyone 🙂

Happy reading and writing,

Love, Nikki x


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