Q “How do I get news of my book ‘out there’?”

Brilliant piece on book promo from the award-winning author Sue Moorcroft…

Sue Moorcroft blog

My answer:

Book promo – now there’s a large topic!

I tend to promote myself as a writer, first, and promote any individual book second. Book reviews are useful, such as this lovely one, as is guest blogging, maintaining my own blog and building up followings on Twitter and Facebook. I also send out a newsletter whenever I have a reasonable amount of good news to impart (you can read my newsletter by going to http://www.suemoorcroft.com/contact.html and clicking ‘download here’  if you want to see what kind of thing I talk about, or you can fill in the form to subscribe). And I think my own website is a must. I’ve also created my Amazon Author’s Page (for free) and an email sign off that appears every time I send somebody a message.

Although some don’t see the appeal, both Twitter and Facebook have brought me not just new readers…

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