#LoveLondon series; a Quick Catch Up

The last few weeks have been really exciting….

I have some amazing news that I can’t tell you about yet (but hopefully it’ll be revealed later this month or in early April).

The next in the #LoveLondon series, Cocktails in Chelsea became available on Netgalley and started bringing in lovely reviews, is released this Thursday (new release post to follow) and I should be over on Star Crossed Reviews later today with details about this new storyย http://starcrossedreviews.co.uk/


I can also confirm that the #LoveLondon series shorts are going to stay at 49p each – a price point people are happy about if the sales are anything to go by ๐Ÿ™‚

And lastly, the wonderful ladies over at Women Writers, Women’s Books featured me on their site yesterday, where I was giving writing advice / tips about writing an (e)book seriesย http://booksbywomen.org/survival-guide-to-writing-an-ebook-series-by-nikki-moore/. The post was shared over Fb and Twiter and I’ve had a great response so please check it out!

See you soon. Until then…

Happy reading and writing, Nikki x


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