New release; Cocktails in Chelsea (Short Story) #LoveLondon Book 4


It’s hard to believe it’s time for another new release, but today the next in my #LoveLondon series with HarperImpulse comes out!

I’m still feeling pretty overwhelmed and incredibly grateful for the warm support this series has been receiving, as well as the four and five star reviews, which is why the dedication for this one puts the spotlight on bloggers, reviewers, readers and other authors. Thank you so much.

When I agreed the title with my editor and started putting a brief together, I took a trip to London to visit Chelsea, walking past Stamford Bridge where Chelsea FC are based, mooching along the King’s Road, visiting a few bars and café’s. And as I did, the words from The Human League’s ‘Don’t You Want Me,’ kept playing through my head, ‘You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, When I met you…’ But rather than the heroine being a waitress, I thought it would be interesting to flip it on it’s head. So I made Nathan, the hero, a barman in a cocktail bar on the King’s Road, and gave him Sofia to contend with; a girl who knows who she is when at home in Bournemouth, but who feels overwhelmed by her surroundings in London, and ends up pretending to be something she’s not – something Nathan happens to seriously dislike.

When I pitched the story to my editor, she loved it, and the fact that I can feature a few star cocktails means this one was pretty enjoyable to write – because of course I had to do some ‘taste’ research 🙂

The Ritz Mary Pickford

Here’s the full blurb…

Made in Chelsea?

Nathan Black is on a mission to prove himself. His family may be upper class and his cousin Matt might be a famous music producer, but he’s going to make it on his own. So as soon as he has enough money set aside, he’s quitting his bar-tending job on the King’s Road and opening up his own cocktail bar. He hasn’t got time for love, and definitely not with the spoilt Chelsea Princesses who flirt with him shamelessly every night. But is there something a bit different about the pretty blonde who’s just walked in?

Bournemouth girl Sofia Gold is reluctantly visiting old childhood friends in London for Easter weekend. Keenly aware she’s not part of their glamorous world, she’s more comfortable riding a surfboard than wearing designer dresses and towering heels… although she’s always had a soft spot for cocktails.

It’s never really bothered Sofia that she’s ‘one of the boys,’ and that her romantic experiences have been amazingly unspectacular, so when she meets gorgeous Nathan, why does she find herself faking an accent and pretending to be a London socialite? It can’t be anything to do with impressing him, can it? After all, she’s only in the capital for a few days…

But one impulsive kiss later, they both find themselves wishing for things they didn’t know they wanted.

Spring in Chelsea – will love blossom?

You can get it from only 49p from the following e-tailers…

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If you read it and have time, a review on Amazon or Goodreads would be really appreciated 🙂

Book 5 in the #LoveLondon series, Strawberries at Wimbledon, will be out in April – look out for more details soon.

Until next time, happy reading and writing,

Love, Nikki x


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