A Novel Idea – Story Bundling with Nic Tatano

One of my lovely fellow HarperImpulse authors, Nic Tatano, currently has a (non HarperImpulse) book on promotion until 16th April as part of ‘story-bundling’ and I think this is a great idea so I asked him to tell me more, to share with you guys. So, here we go; keep reading to see what Nic has to say…
Imagine you’re in a bookstore and I walk up to you with a shopping cart filled with ten books in a genre you really like. You look at the covers and blurbs and find them interesting. They’re the kind of books you’d buy. Then I tell you that you can pay whatever you think they’re worth, and, oh, by the way, you can register to win a Kindle or a $100 gift card. You’d probably ask, “What’s the catch?”

There isn’t one. Welcome to Story Bundle.

This is a company that creates bundles of books with similar themes and offers them at a price you determine. And right now, one of my books is in that shopping cart.

The young adult bundle is called “Crossing Worlds” and every book features a young protagonist dealing with amazing challenges in magical worlds. In my case, “Destiny’s Hourglass” is the story of a teenage boy who can change the future with his mind. Yeah, I know the current trend is to write kick-ass girls, but I thought the guys deserved equal time. And, ya know, that Harry Potter kid seemed to develop a decent following.

How did I arrive in said shopping cart? Well, a few years ago some author friends told me about Story Bundle, so I sent them a bunch of books of different genres to check out. A few weeks ago they contacted me about joining a very talented group in an upcoming bundle. So here I am.


The bundle is available for a little more than three weeks and the timing is perfect, since the last day (April 16th) coincides with the release of the second book in my Jillian Spectre series. (See aforementioned kick-ass girls.)

Anyway, hope you’ll check out StoryBundle.com. They always have multiple bundles for sale of different genres. As for that pricing thing, you can pay a little and get five books or pay a bit more and get five bonus books.

But wait, there’s more! Remember, I mentioned a prize, so don’t forget to register for your choice of a $100 gift card or a Kindle by going to this website at http://susankayequinn.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/crossing-worlds-ya-fantasy-story-bundle.html  and entering via the rafflecopter Giveaway.

So, is this the coolest shopping cart, or what?

 Nic’s website can be found here http://thechannelingauthor.blogspot.co.uk/ and the link to the bundle is here storybundle.com/ya

Links to Jillian, books one and two, his HarperImpulse YA books are here http://tinyurl.com/odgs9ry and http://tinyurl.com/pkbv8l2

Hope you enjoyed this post, what do you think of story bundling?

Until next time, happy reading and writing,

Love Nikki x


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