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Hello my lovelies,

It’s been a busy few weeks for me since the release of Picnics in Hyde Park, and I’m thrilled with the amazing 4 and 5* reviews it’s been getting. Thank you to anyone who has bought, read and/or reviewed it. Putting Strawberries at Wimbledon up free of charge for ten days was also very exciting, and it was lovely to get some messages from new readers telling me they were off to buy the rest of the series, having read Strawberries 🙂

At the moment I’m working on some new projects (top secret for now but hoping to share some news soon), but one thing I’m never too busy for is thinking or chatting about writing. So, when I was given a slot on the Romantic Novelists Association blog, I gave some thought to what might be an interesting topic for writers and readers, and came up with writing inspiration – mainly, where do you get it, and what do you do when it deserts you?

The intro to my article is below – if you want to check out the whole thing, you can find it on the RNA blog via the link. The post got 1000 hits yesterday, so don’t miss out – there are some fascinating insights from some fab authors.

I’ve been thinking about writing inspiration recently, because I’ve talked about it a lot for the release of my #LoveLondon series over the last nine months. Almost all of the interviews I’ve done have included a question about where I got my inspiration for the series from. I suppose it’s because readers are fascinated by where writers find their ideas. I know that’s definitely the case for me as a reader. When I finish a brilliant book, I often wonder, ‘how on earth did the author dream that up?’

Thank you for the continued support, I’ll catch up with you soon.

Until then, happy reading and writing.

Love, Nikki x


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