Book News: #LoveLondon The Complete Collection by Nikki Moore

Thanks so much to the lovely Holly at Bookaholic Confessions for exclusively revealing my news – here it is!

Bookaholic Confessions

I have been sitting on this piece of VERY exciting, exclusive news for a few weeks now and it is an absolute miracle that I haven’t blurted it out. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you will know that I love HarperImpulse author, Nikki Moore. Nikki’s novels are just dreamy, jam-packed full of romance and humour and if you haven’t yet discovered her gorgeous novels and novellas then I suggest that you do. This fantastic piece of news might just provide you with the perfect opportunity…

A word from Nikki…


Firstly, thanks so much to the lovely Holly for exclusively revealing my exciting news!

Anyone who reads my blog or interacts with me on Facebook or Twitter will know how delighted, shocked and amazed I’ve been at the way readers, reviewers and bloggers have reacted to the #LoveLondon series over the past ten months. I’ve…

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