Thinking About Love…?

Hello my lovelies,

With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us, I started thinking about what love means to me. What it means to other people. I believe romantic love can take many forms, whether it’s the intense, pulse-pounding, almost obsessive sort that Fifty Shades Darker is currently selling us or the more gentle solid love that endures over time and ends with an elderly couple holding hands across the space between their beds.


There is unexpected love that finds you when you’re least expecting it, or realising you’re in love with someone who has always been by your side but you’ve never looked at them that way before. There is love on the rebound, love second time around, hopeful love that grows out of grief or pain. Thinking about it, that was the premise for my #LoveLondon series – every romance is set in a different part of London, and each story focuses on a different path to love.


But there’s not just romantic love, is there? Love can be for our families; our parents, our siblings, our children – surely the greatest love of all? It can be for our friends, the people we grew up with and who helped shape us, and it can even be for something inanimate, like a hobby or passion, something that brings us joy. For me that would be reading and writing.

Love can and should also be for ourselves. We need to like who we are, know we’re doing our best and give ourselves a break when things go wrong, or we make mistakes.

In a world where uncertainty is the only certainty we have, love can be for the people around us who we may not know but who we feel concern and a shared responsibility for. It’s the kind of love that makes us smile at strangers, or pick up someone who has fallen down, or join forces to campaign for shared values that we believe in.

For sure, love is complicated – it can be cruel or kind, easy or hard – but at the heart of it, I think love is wanting everyone to be happy.

So, what does love mean to you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts (see what I did there?)

Until next time, Happy Reading & Writing.

Love, Nikki x



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