Standing at the career crossroads

Sue Moorcroft has shared an honest account of ‘pivoting’ in her writing career to pursue her dream of being a full-time writer. An interesting and inspirational read 🙂

Sue Moorcroft blog

Earlier this year my writing buddy Mark West, who writes chillers and thrillers, invited me onto his blog, Strange Tales, to talk about a crossroads I once hit in my writing career and what I did about it. It got so much attention that I then wrote a ‘what happened next’ part two.

With Mark’s permission, I’m reproducing the posts here, making them into one and updating where necessary.

In Summer on a Sunny Island, to be published summer 2020, several of the characters stand at crossroads in their lives. From a writing point of view it provides conflict and personal goals, both of which drive the narrative. One afternoon, Rosa and Zach sit up on the roof terrace and try to coach each other into deciding what it is they want next in their lives. It’s not a spectacularly successful coaching session because although they agree they…

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