Writing tip: agent or no agent?

Another great writing tip blog post from Sue Moorcroft, this time about being unagented vs agented…

Sue Moorcroft blog

Writing tip
Writing tip

Authors are divided about whether to work with an agent. Here are the bullet points of my own history with agents:

  • Offered representation by an editor who had decided to switch to being a sole agent. Before she got as far as us signing the Agreement, she thought better of being an agent and vanished from my life.
  • Got a fab London agent from a big agency. She sold me into a couple of modestly sized publishers and also large print and audio. We had a couple of near-misses with big publishers but a miss is as good as a mile. After a bereavement, I decided I would no longer be able to write novels and left her flock. We parted friends and are still.
  • Unagented, I sold seven novels to publisher Choc Lit. Some were those my former agent had had near misses with so she checked…

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