Ella Allbright – The Last Charm

Another lovely review for The Last Charm – which has just received an amazing 100 reviews only two and a half weeks after publication 🙂 With thanks to Sharon for the review.

‘The Last Charm’ by Ella Allbright is a thought-provoking, emotional and beautiful story that begins with an email from Leila to a girl called Caitlin, to prove she is the owner of a lost charm bracelet. In order to do this, we go back in time to when Leila was an eleven-year-old and her mum left her the bracelet when she left the family to run away. Leila struggles emotionally and Jake, a boy who lives on the same road helps her through.

Ella Allbright

Each charm and the story behind it is told by the chapter, so we see and feel everything Leila and Jake go through in life. We see that Jake is there, through thick and thin for Leila, it makes for a very emotional and poignant tale. Leila is a girl who tends to flee from her problems and never realises that Jake is her mainstay…

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