Reading in Malta…

Hello my lovelies,

I hope everyone is well and not too sad to see the end of the summer and very soon, the beginning of the school year. It’s a time of change in my house, as my daughter is starting college (which makes me feel ancient) and my son is starting secondary school.

But first, I’m reflecting on my holiday to Malta, which I got back from yesterday. To say it was amazing would be an understatement. The weather was sunny, balmy and warm (I’m very tanned), the views and architecture lovely, and the company great. We went on a boat trip to Gozo, Comino and the Blue Lagoon, walked the streets of Valletta and rode an open top bus around the southern part of the island. Food was plentiful, the Maltese beer (Cisk) flowed, and the infinity rooftop pool was stunning. It was a true family holiday with my dad, brother, boyfriend and kids along, and bittersweet to visit some of the places my grandma, who passed away in March, loved so much.

I spent so much time sightseeing I only managed to read three books, which for me is hardly anything. The ones I did read – ‘Wildflower Bay’ by Rachael Lucas, ‘No Turning Back’ by Tracy Buchanan, and ‘The One We Fell in Love With’ by Paige Toon were all brilliant, and perfect summer reads. I’ve reviewed ‘Wildflower Bay’ here in case anyone is interested

Rather than waffle on anymore about what a good time I had, and how I’d encourage anyone thinking of going abroad to try Malta – it’s a true gem – I thought I’d share some pictures instead. Hope you like them 🙂

FullSizeRender (2)IMG_0858IMG_0890IMG_0922IMG_0930IMG_0943IMG_0844IMG_0863IMG_0866

What do you think? Malta, anyone?

Back to reality now, with a giant laundry pile I’m working my way through, and a return to the day job tomorrow. I also have big plans for the work in progress – with lots of ideas and inspiration courtesy of my holiday…

Until next time, Happy Reading and Writing,

Love, Nikki x


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